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Entertainment Organization Protects Google Workspace Data with SpinOne

“SpinOne augments our existing cybersecurity measures with unique protection for our Google Workspace data. It’s easy to set up, intuitive to use, and it helps me sleep better at night knowing it’s there.”

Director of Information Technology


Google Workspace Users Protected

Risk of Ransomware Downtime Reduced from

1 Month to <2 Hours

Data Secured


This nonprofit cultural organization in the entertainment industry is based in Canada and has a seasonal workforce that fluctuates between 250 and 500 employees. It uses Google Workspace as a mission-critical application for collaboration across its workforce.


With 10 TB of valuable SaaS data stored within their Google Workspace environment, this nonprofit knew that its data needed an extra layer of protection. Existing native features in Google Workspace were insufficient against the threat of potential SaaS ransomware attacks, and it lacked the backup and restoration capabilities needed for fast restoration of service. This concern was compounded by the increasingly strict requirements from the organization’s insurance underwriter. According to the Director of Information Technology, “We noticed over the last 3 years that our insurance requirements for cybersecurity coverage were getting more complex. While we were following their guidelines, we realized we had a new requirement to add automated protection and backup for our valuable Google Workspace data.”


The nonprofit needed a solution for their Google Workspace environment that could offer SaaS ransomware protection, security reviews, enhanced backup capabilities, and a licensing model that could scale to meet their seasonally variable headcount with easy onboarding and offboarding. After searching for solutions and reading customer reviews, they discovered SpinOne by Spin.AI – an all-in-one SaaS security platform that exceeded their requirements, well beyond backup.

While they initially selected SpinOne for the reputable SaaS backup and restoration capabilities, they quickly expanded into SpinOne’s SaaS ransomware detection and response solution and SaaS security posture management (SSPM). They also appreciated the ability to choose where data is stored.  “I can choose where my data is backed up, I can scale my licensing in a way that I can’t do on other platforms, and it gives me a great scorecard view of my security posture,” the IT Director adds.

The implementation process was straightforward, with SpinOne’s intuitive interface, making setup quick and easy. Additionally, Spin.AI’s proactive customer support further enhanced the experience, with their support team proactively identifying and addressing potential issues, ensuring comprehensive protection for all users.


  • Reduced Risk of Ransomware Downtime from Over 1 Month to Under 2 Hours

With SpinOne’s 2-hour SLA, the nonprofit was able to reduce the risk of potential ransomware downtime from over 1 month on average to under 2 hours – providing peace of mind and security.

  • Automated Backup and Granular Restoration

SpinOne’s backup and restoration capabilities mitigated the risk of data loss due to ransomware attacks or accidental deletion. SpinOne’s backup functionality also allowed them to store data securely and restore it quickly in the event of a cyber incident, ensuring business continuity and further minimizing downtime.

  • Increased Compliance and Reduced Costs 

By leveraging SpinOne’s flexible licensing options and archive licenses, the nonprofit was able to ensure compliance with data retention policies. SpinOne’s archive licensing also enabled them to archive user data, freeing up storage space and reducing costs associated with additional storage requirements.
SpinOne’s reporting and compliance features also identified sensitive data, helping them adhere to evolving compliance and insurance requirements.

With SpinOne, the nonprofit added a powerful layer of security to its Google Workspace environment, beyond backup and restoration capabilities. By leveraging SpinOne’s comprehensive platform and proactive support, they successfully strengthened its cybersecurity posture, safeguarding their sensitive Google Workspace data and ensuring business continuity.

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