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GroupHugs relies on SpinOne’s proactive SaaS ransomware protection


GroupHugs is an organic social media marketing agency founded in 2019 and they are based in Denver, CO U.S.A. This social media marketing agency provides services for Youtube and Facebook. They provide services for Youtube customers such as channel management and provide the ability to create, collect, and grow fans for channels.

They also optimize existing YouTube channels that are struggling with growing a fanbase. GroupHugs also provides Facebook group management, in order to manage and optimize groups and communities for their customers. They use Google Workspace, which includes Google Drive in order to complete their daily tasks and share data within and outside of their organization.


GroupHugs began their search for Cloud based Ransomware Protection and data security solutions in order to protect the valuable customer and employee data. They were in the market for a solution that can allow them to monitor employee activity, regulate any data that is being shared outside their domain, and for an automated response plan for ransomware attacks.

Since Group Hugs had over 60,000+ items and over 250GB of data, it was critical for them to find a solution that can reduce down time in the event of being hit by malware. Ransomware attacks have been on the rise, and one of GroupHugs’ main goals was to acquire a security solution that provides additional protection for the data belonging to not only them but their customers.

The Solution

After reviewing multiple solutions in the Google Workspace Marketplace for solutions that can provide ransomware protection, security monitoring, and sharing event monitoring they decided to sign up with SpinOne. With Ransomware attacks being so prevalent, SpinOne’s automated ransomware protection gives Group Hugs comfort knowing that they have Automated 24/7 protection.

They were pleased that any encryption events would automatically be detected, stopped, and a new unencrypted copy of their data would be recovered from their previous backup – all automatically, with no agent required. By keeping their mission-critical SaaS data backed up to AWS secure cloud storage, they’re able to restore any file in a matter of seconds or minutes, not in days or weeks.
Since GroupHugs works with companies outside of their organization, SpinOne’s data sharing monitoring tool grants GroupHugs the ability to create sharing management policies to prevent possible data leak. GroupHugs’ decision to sign up with SpinOne was made easier knowing they were going to receive the best Google Workspace data security and management solution in the market.

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