Case Study

Voice AI platform amplifies data security with SpinOne


As a leader in Voice AI technology, this organization relies on Google Workspace for email, calendars, contacts, and file sharing across all departments for business continuity.


The challenge this organization faced was twofold: first, to establish a reliable backup system for several terabytes of SaaS data, and second, to ensure the security of this data – especially personally identifiable information (PII).

Solution: SpinOne for Google Workspace

This organization evaluated several vendors and selected Spin.AI’s SpinOne platform due to its positive customer reviews, its unique capabilities, and its fast and reliable customer support.

Key Features

Using SpinOne, including Backup & Recovery, Ransomware Detection & Response, and DLP, they now have:

  • Automated, fast, accurate, and granular backup and recovery for all Google Workspace data
  • Complete visibility into when sensitive data is shared, where it is shared, and by whom
  • Configurable alerts that trigger automated policies to provide visibility and incident response
  • Easily accessible archived data for offboarding employees so that accessing any information from archived accounts is simple and easy to retrieve
  • Automated policies for external file sharing for partners and vendors using shared drives


By addressing the challenges of SaaS data backup, security, and visibility, this organization has enhanced its Google Workspace data protection and reinforced its commitment to meeting the highest standards of data security in an ever-evolving cybersecurity landscape.

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