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Google Account Recovery. Useful Tips and Tricks

If your Google account has been inactive for more than 30 days then Google may have deleted it from the server. This means that the account is likely irretrievable and you should read this article. Learn easy steps for Google Account Recovery in this article.

Now, in a perfect world, you will have to set up your Google account with an attached mobile phone number or an alternative email address. This Google account recovery phone number or Google recovery email will really help matters since, in this perfect world, where hindsight is not needed, you will then be sent either an SMS verification code or an email link, which will allow you to reset your password. Now you have recovered your Google account.

If you feel like punching me right now – because you didn’t set up a Google account recovery mobile number or alternative email address – then I am sorry. The truth is you need to be able to access your account to make these changes, and you’ve already made it clear you can’t. Sticky, sticky problem.

First of all, you need to click “trouble accessing your account”. This is the first step to your Google account recovery – you will be sent to this page.

Google Account Recovery

You need to select the option most suitable for your predicament.

How to Recover Google Account and Gmail Password

If it is a Gmail password problem, the Google account recovery form will ask you to offer suggestions for a password that might have been used with the account in the past. That gives you the opportunity to scroll through the endless possibilities of cat names and nicknames that may make up your passwords. Once you happen upon one, Google will give you the option of changing your password.

If you genuinely can’t remember and there is no recovery email and phone number, then Google may ask you to submit a CNAME change request. This can take up to 72 hours and is a whole world of complex and one best avoided. This is particular to people, who have bought a domain name and used a Google add-on to create a domain email address.

The process for dealing with CNAME requests is different depending on your domain server – whether it is GoDaddy or WordPress or some other platform. You will need to seek support from their customer service folk. You can still recover your Google account – it just needs very specific advice.

If you have forgotten your username, then this is where only your Google accounts recovery email or phone number will help you. Beyond this, you will need to sit and guess, what your username might be. Maybe try your actual name… and then age or year, when you set the account up. I know, I know – this is obvious advice – but it is a place to begin, maybe, a prompt let’s say.

If you choose the third option, of having other problems signing in, Google will ask for your username and then give you a series of radials to click that best suits the issue you are having. This Google Recovery Form might offer options related to the two-step verification process or the mail app or maybe, that you feel someone else is using your account.

Google Account Recovery

As it says, Google trouble-shooter will take you through a number of questions to help you with your account recovery. Most of the questions will end you back where you started, trying to guess your password on the password recovery screen. However, there are really useful tips about how to reset your password, if it has been compromised and how to set up the two step verification process, if your email is used for sensitive information.

Learn how to recover deleted Google Drive files.

Google Account Recovery

The best option is to read this Spinbackup article before setting up your Google account. Then, you could feel smug right now because you have a Google account recovery phone number – and the SMS code popped up and you were away. But, then, if you had known this you wouldn’t have just searched for an article on how to retrieve a Google account… eek. I really hope this article has helped and you are now free to Google again.

Another useful tip – if you want to be sure that everything in your Google account will not be lost, make a backup copy. Read the previous blog post – How to Backup the Google Account and restore Google account data in a click.

Daily automated backup for G Suite administrator.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact Google to recover my account?

You can’t call Google for help to sign into your account for your security.

How to recover a Google Account password without a phone number and recovery email?

There are several ways to restore your Gmail:

  1. Use the Admin Console: Go to Google Admin – Directory – Users – Restore Data – specify the date range and the application (Gmail) – click Restore.
  2. Use SpinOne Gmail recovery tool: log in to your SpinOne Account – Users  (choose an employee) – click on the Gmail icon – click on the Version button (choose which version to restore) – (click Restore).

How do I verify my Google Account without entering a phone number?

Creating a Google without a phone number can be useful if you don’t want to share your phone number or do not have access to a phone. For this choose one of the following strategies:

  1. Use the Gmail App: Download and install the Gmail app on your device – open the app and tap on Create Account – enter your name, choose a username, enter your password then tap on Next – skip the phone number verification step by tapping on Skip or Not Now – agree to the terms of service and privacy policy, and then tap on Create Account.
  2. Use an Existing Email Address: Go to the Google account creation page – enter your name, and then click on Use my current email address instead – enter your existing email address and choose a password for your account.

How can I recover my Gmail account if I forgot my password?

To recover your account if forget a password access the Account Recovery form from the password-assistance page by selecting “I don’t know my password, and answer some questions to confirm it’s your account. Reset your password when prompted. Choose a strong password that you haven’t already used with this account.

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