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How to Backup and Recover Google Photos

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The first digital camera (1975), invented ironically enough by Eastman Kodak, weighed 8 pounds (3.6 kg), had a resolution of 0.01 megapixels and took 23 seconds to take a black and white photo. The first production, digital camera didn’t hit the streets until 1990. Digital images now permeate our lives and a sizeable portion of those images are stored online, at the servers of Google Photos.
Here’s a detailed instruction on how to backup and recover Google photos. All digital images have one serious drawback; they are files and are not ‘real’. You can’t hold the image in your hand or hang it on the wall. You can only view the image through a device, which means it can be damaged or lost with a click or the failure of a drive. As a result, permanent loss of a digital album is easier than ever:

  1. Most likely? The user accidentally deletes photos or an entire album and then empties the Trash.
  2. Next up is hard drive failure. It’s not a question of ‘if’. It’s a question of ‘when’.
  3. Third would be the degradation of previously archived images, with tape backup as an example. In addition, digital standards have and continue to evolve. What may have been ‘readable’ may become ‘cannot be read’.

All of the above are sufficient justifications to begin storing your images online with Google Photos, but even Google has its faults.
Your account could be hacked, locked and simply unavailable as a result of Google ‘technical problems.’

Make Sure You Keep Your Family Photos Safe

The holidays are upcoming, and you know you’ll take your camera to the party or family get together. You take the pictures of the entire group in seven different poses, every child, every present, the dinner table and Uncle Harry asleep in the chair, snoring with his mouth wide-open. You upload to Google+ Photos, because you need to scoot to the next party of your in-laws.

The same routine (give or take) and then it’s time to show everyone pictures of your family and upload this new batch, but:

  1. You can’t login to Google Photos, because 5% of the world is trying to upload there.
  2. You can login, but you only have 25 Mb of space remaining and need 85 meg for new uploads. Who gets deleted? Your mother-in-law? She’s watching, you know… or
  3. The Holiday digital explosion overloads networks, causing data loss and the problem source could be anywhere between you and Google+ Photos…. or …
  4. You or Google+ Photos have a Holiday meltdown. Stuff happens and it isn’t always good.

Won’t happen though, because you’ll be ready. After all, you read this post.

Set up an account with Spinbackup.com.

  • It’s free.
  • It’s safe, secure reliable as it uses Amazon’s huge server network.
  • You won’t even need to login or remember a special password as it is Google ID enabled.
  • It not only gives more space than Google Photos, it can actually periodically backup all of the images you already have on Google Photos. All done with a few clicks.
  • So let’s say somehow you lost your G+ Images. No problem, you can use Spinbackup to restore those images back into your Google account.
  • It has an internal viewer, which is pretty cool, so viewing your images is not a problem.

How to Backup and Recover Google Photos. Step by Step Guide

  1. How to register for Spinbackup is described in details in the article Gmail Backup Restore.
  2. If you haven’t activated Google Drive backup before, then you’ll need to activate the backup service for Google Images and give permission to access.If you have enabled the backup of Google Drive earlier, you can skip this item.
  3. Run backup.
  4. The backup process is displayed in a status bar.
  5. Check the result of backup.

You can see that all of your albums have beed successfully saved.
Now check the restore. Try to intentionally delete some of your photos.

Now try to restore them.

Check it on the site.

As you can see, everything is ok!

Backup and recover Google Photos and the whole Google account with Spinbackup and you won’t need to worry about losing your valuable pictures!

Try SpinOne for free

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