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April 26, 2024 | Updated on: May 24, 2024 | Reading time 8 minutes

Google Workspace Backup Solutions Comparison

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The number of Google Workspace (formerly GSuite) backup solutions is overwhelming, and choosing the right one can be critical in preventing data loss. Should you choose the most promoted product? Or should you vet just a little more to get the backup software with more functions and at a better price?

In this guide, we compare 4 popular cloud-to-cloud backup tools and help you find the best Google Workspace backup for your business:

  • Spanning
  • Backupify
  • SpinBackup

Before we start, if you still hesitate about whether the backup for your Google Workspace is essential, read about the best practices for Google Workspace (G Suite) Security.

What to Look for in Google Workspace Backup Solution

If you’re researching a backup solution for your Google Workspace, here are some helpful areas to consider: 

  1. It supports all Google Workspace applications, including Gmail, Drive, Shared Drive, Calendar, and Contacts.
  1. Backup solutions that are automated and scheduled will reduce manual work and ensure that data is consistently backed up without human intervention.
  1. To minimize downtime and data loss in the event of accidental deletion or corruption, having the option to restore individual items like email files and folders is vital.
  1. Encrypt data during transmission and storage to ensure the backup solution meets security requirements. It should also adhere to regulations like GDPR and HIPAA to safeguard sensitive information.
  1. With the rise of cyber threats, a backup solution that offers protection and anomaly detection can provide an additional layer of security. Administrators receive alerts when activities indicate a potential breach.
  2. The solution should provide reporting and a dashboard to keep track of backup activities, restores, and settings, making managing your backups less complicated.
  1. Maintain a data retention policy that enables you to comply with legal obligations while managing data storage expenses efficiently. It will allow you to keep data for as long as necessary.
  1. Consider where your backup data is located, especially if your region requires data sovereignty. Storage options should address both operational and business requirements.
  1. Dependable customer support and transparent service level agreements (SLAs) are crucial ensuring you can get assistance when necessary and receive assurances about the performance and uptime of the solution.
  1. Make sure the pricing model aligns with your budget and meets your backup needs. In addition to the initial cost, consider any additional costs, such as extra storage or advanced functionality.

Google Workspace (G Suite) Backup Solutions: Overview

SpinBackup (Recommended)

SpinBackup is a versatile SaaS for cloud drives and a Google Workspace Backup solution. It fits the needs of both small businesses and enterprises, enabling companies to scale from 5 to 1000+ user licenses. The tool provides incremental backup and granular point-in-time recovery for Google Services. Furthermore, it offers an additional layer of security guarding your Workspace against ransomware and risky applications.

Afi is a backup solution for Google Workspace or Microsoft 365. It protects Google Workspace data, including Drives, Gmail, Calendars, Contacts, and Sites with preserved user rights and permissions.  


Spanning is a backup solution for medium to large businesses that use Salesforce, Google Workspace, and/or Office 365. It works with multiple Google services like Gmail, Drive, and Calendars. Spanning offers automated backup and quick restoration of lost data.


Backupify is a tool for large companies that use Google Workspace or Office 365. Similar to Spanning, it automatically backs up various services within cloud drives (like Drives, Contacts, mailboxes). Backupify provides granular restoration.

Google Workspace Backup Solution Comparison Table

(by Spin.AI)
Starting Price (user/mo)$3$3$4$3
Rating on Google Workspace Marketplace4.
Ease of Use Rating on Capterra4.
Customer Service Rating on Capterra4.
24/7 Support
Online Support
Google ServicesGmail,
Drive, Shared Drives,
Google Sites
Drive, Shared Drives,
Drive, Shared Drives,
Google Sites
Shared Drives,
Google Sites

Backup Features

Average Backup Onboarding Speed1 weekN/AN/ALess than 1 hour
Automated backup
On-demand Backup
Backup Log
Backup Scheduling
Cloud ProvidersGCP
Datto CloudAWSGCP
Unlimited Retention
Incremental Backup

Recovery Features

Disaster recovery
Point-in-time restoration
Granular recovery
On-demand restoration

Security Features

Proactive ransomware protection with SLA
Risk assessment of 3rd party apps & browser extensions
Data leak prevention
Misconfiguration management
Applications protectedGoogle Workspace, Microsoft 365Google Workspace, Microsoft 365Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, SalesforceGoogle Workspace, Microsoft 365, Salesforce, Slack
Encryption at-rest
Encryption in transit
Secure Data Storage
SOC 2,
ISO 27001


Multiple domains management
Fast search
Licensing deleted accounts

Google Workspace Backup Solution Alternatives

We’ve outlined the most popular backup products however there are others in the market. Here are a few other alternative Google Workspace Backup solutions offering some of the features listed above:

Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud
Acronis provides active protection against cyber threats, backup, and disaster recovery services, ensuring data protection and security for Google Workspace.

With CloudAlly, you can back up your Google Workspace, including Gmail, Drive, Calendars, Contacts, and Tasks, securely and automatically. It provides unlimited storage and retention, with easy data recovery and export options.

Lets businesses back up Google Workspace data to a local server or the cloud, providing a cost-effective and simple backup storage solution.

Though primarily known for Salesforce backup, OwnBackup also offers solutions for Google Workspace, providing comprehensive backup and recovery services that ensure data is secure and easily recoverable.

SaaS Backup
SaaS Backup, offered by Commvault, provides comprehensive backup and recovery solutions for Google Workspace. It emphasizes data protection across various Google Workspace services like Gmail, Drive, Sites, and Calendar, with flexible recovery options.

SysCloud offers backup and security solutions for Google Workspace, providing automated backups with security support through threat protection and compliance monitoring, making it a comprehensive solution for data protection.

Selecting a Google Workspace Backup Solution

Businesses must prioritize speed, reliability, security, and comprehensiveness when choosing a Google Workspace backup solution. All Google Workspace applications (Gmail, Drive, Calendar, Contacts, and others) should be automatically, and regularly backed up by the solution, so data can be recovered in case of accidental deletion, ransomware attacks, or other data loss events. A backup provider’s security measures should be assessed, including encryption, compliance with industry standards, and protection against external and internal threats. To ensure that your backup solution can grow with your business and provide quick data restoration when necessary, scalability, user-friendly management interfaces, and seamless data recovery are all crucial factors.

SpinBackup stands out as an ideal Google Workspace backup solution by addressing these key considerations effectively. All Google Workspace data is automatically backed up by SpinBackup daily, providing peace of mind and comprehensive coverage. Data breaches and unauthorized access are prevented by our advanced security features, including 256-bit encryption. Intuitive dashboards and granular recovery options make managing backups and restoring data straightforward, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity. In addition, SpinBackup’s scalability provides flexible plans that adapt to your business’s needs as it grows. A fast and reliable solution like SpinBackup can help businesses protect their Google Workspace data, make it easy to recover, and keep it safe.

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