Google Apps Security

Security and Compliance for over 100,000 Google Apps and Browser Extensions by SpinOne

Google Apps Security Google Workspace Apps Security | Google Apps Security Tool
Google Apps Security Google Workspace Apps Security | Google Apps Security Tool

Google Apps Risk Assessment Advantages for Enterprise

SpinOne saves a tremendous amount of time for SecOps teams for SaaS Apps and Browser Extensions risk assessment, reduces impact from zero-day attacks, and improves compliance.


Application Scoring

24/7 apps monitoring and ongoing risk assessment to get full visibility of your Shadow IT


Access Management

Blocklist risky applications or browser extensions to your mission-critical Google Workspace data


Security Policies

Automate access management by creating granular security policies to blocklist/allowlist based on set criteria.


Zero-Day Mitigation

Prevent data breaches due to vulnerability exploits in applications



Allow access only for compliant applications to meet local regulation requirements


Approval Process

The built-in approval process to communicate and manage access requests made by your employees



Monitor app security history and users who provide access to risky apps and what apps your employee uses


Alerts & Reports

Get immediate notifications on app incidents and risk score changes

What makes SpinOne unique for Google Apps Security?

Google Workspace Apps Security | Google Apps Security Tool

  • Unlike organizations that mostly focus on cloud misconfigurations, SpinOne provides the most granular SaaS Apps and Browser Extensions Risk Assessment on the market by collecting and analyzing data from different sources to outline what possible Business, Security, or Compliance risks they are exposed to.
  • SpinOne provides access to a unique database of more than 100,000+ OAuth Apps & Browser Extensions discovered by our AI algorithms through a SpinApp API-based solution that doesn’t require the installation of an agent (agent-less).
  • By automating SaaS risk assessments and access management through customizable policies, SpinOne reduces the risks of zero-day attacks and saves SecOps teams a tremendous amount of time.
  • SpinOne provides full visibility of your Shadow IT

Google Workspace Apps Security | Google Apps Security Tool
Google Workspace Apps Security | Google Apps Security Tool

Apps Risk Assessment

Google Workspace Apps Security | Google Apps Security Tool

SpinOne uses a number of criteria to assess the level of app risk:

  • Scope of permissions
  • Business Operation Risk
  • Security Risk
  • Compliance Risk

Based on this data each app receives a security score from 0 to 100 to facilitate your decision-making process.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have more questions about SpinOne and Google Workspace Apps Security? Learn more from our FAQ section or
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Does Google Workspace have any protection against Shadow IT?

No. Businesses, SMBs, and enterprises alike need solutions like SpinOne. Our platform detects and estimates OAuth applications. It also alerts about any apps with high risk.

Why are third-party Google apps and Chrome extensions risky?

They can have vulnerabilities that cybercriminals exploit or a hidden malicious code that can be triggered at any moment and infect your Google Workspace.

Is SpinOne safe?

Yes. SpinOne applies functionality to encrypt data in transit, at rest, and in use. It stores backups on cloud storage (AWS, GCP, or Azure).

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