Microsoft 365 Ransomware Protection

Fully automated ransomware protection for Exchange Online, OneDrive and Sharepoint. 100% automated. No human involvement required.

Office 365 Ransomware Protection | Secure your SaaS Data
Office 365 Ransomware Protection | Secure your SaaS Data

Achieve Near-Zero Downtime with SpinOne

SpinOne helps quickly and safely restore your Microsoft 365 data in the event of a ransomware attack. You’ll get ultimate and instant visibility into the scope of the damage. SpinOne can automatically recover your SaaS data, reducing potential downtime from 21 day to just 2 hours.


24/7 Ransomware Monitoring

24/7 Ransomware monitoring protects your Microsoft 365 data by examining unusual activity patterns


AI-powered Detection

AI-based Security Scanners proactively detect any early signs of a cloud ransomware attack


Block Ransomware Attack Source

SpinOne stops ransomware from spreading by blocking the source of the attack and cutting off its API access


Damaged Assets Isolation

Once a ransomware attack is detected, your Microsoft 365 data will be isolated to prevent any further encryption


Storage Choice

SpinOne provides ransomware-immune backups of your data. We store your data securely on AWS, GCP, or Azure


Fast Ransomware Recovery

SpinOne’s will recover your Microsoft 365 data from the last backup, even if you were hit by ransomware


Real-time Alerting

SpinOne enables security alerts that are sent to security administrators for fast response


Near-Zero Downtime

SpinOne provides a fast incident response time for ransomware and other attacks, reducing downtime from a painful 21 day to 2 hours

Microsoft 365 Ransomware Protection for Business Continuity and Compliance

SpinOne can help your company avoid the pain and cost of a cloud ransomware attack. SpinOne provides 24/7 ransomware monitoring and immediately alerts Microsoft 365 admins of any incidents.

SpinOne can automatically identify encrypted files, initiate automated granular recovery of damaged assets without human intervention, ensuring business continuity and protecting you against compliance breaches.

Office 365 Ransomware Protection | Secure your SaaS Data
Office 365 Ransomware Protection | Secure your SaaS Data

Ransomware Protection

SpinOne is the only solution to integrate pro-active ransomware protection with 24/7 domain monitoring, cloud backup, and flawless restore.

SpinOne combats ransomware, prevents data leak, and can restore your Microsoft 365 data to the most recent version in hours, ensuring that there’s no downtime or data loss.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Why should I backup my SaaS data?

Google Workspace applies shared responsibility model for data protection. It prevents data loss due to technical malfunction or attacks. However, Google place responsibility for the human error exclusively on its users.

I am looking for a solution to archive the Gmail accounts of former employees and retain their emails. Can you help?

SpinOne have a special offer for archived users. You can safely delete their Google Workspace account and store all the data in our storage. Please connect with one of our sales team members for more information and pricing:

What is the 3-2-1 rule?

It’s a backup practice recommended by security experts. You should have 3 copies of your data stored on 2 different media one being stored in a remote location.

Is SpinOne safe?

Yes. Our solution takes necessary measures to protect your data, including secure storage on AWS, GCP or Azure, as well as encrypting your data in use, at transit, and at rest.

What types of Microsoft 365 data does SpinOne back up?

All types of files stored on your Google Drive, emails, contacts & calendar entries, as well as meta data (file hierarchy, email folders, permissions).

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