Salesforce Backup and Recovery

The fastest cloud-to-cloud Salesforce Backup and Restoration for business-critical data and metadata

Salesforce Backup and Recovery
Salesforce Backup and Recovery

Salesforce Backup Advantages for Enterprise

SpinOne offers comprehensive functionality to help enterprises secure their Salesforce data


All Files Backup

Backup and export all files from your Salesforce environment allowed by API


Metadata Backup

Back up metadata objects on-demand and automatically once per day


Compare Tools

Compare objects and metadata objects with a selected previous version


Granular recovery

Perform bulk or granular recovery of your data or metadata across your service clouds


Sandbox Backup

Back up your sandbox to trial your changes prior to introducing them in your main service


Fast Performance

Restore, compare and back up faster as SpinOne utilizes 2 Salesforce APIs


Storage Choice

Choose unlimited regional storage to back up your Salesforce data on AWS, GCP, or Azure


Activity Reports

Get regular reports and alerts to better monitor your Salesforce changes

Protect your data and metadata with SpinOne Salesforce backup

Your sales pipeline evolves and improves as your business grows. It is critical to attune your Salesforce in accordance with these changes. Unfortunately, often the result of such adjustments can ruin the correct performance of your application.

SpinOne offers backup that helps you reverse the changes and remediate the damage.

Furthermore, our sandbox backup enables you to perform and revoke changes in Salesforce more efficiently.

The fastest Salesforce backup on market

SpinOne is unique as it utilizes two types of Salesforce APIs. This enables our service to perform more actions like compare, backup, or restore without exceeding the SF API threshold.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have more questions about SpinOne and Salesforce security gaps it can close? Learn more from our FAQ section or
contact our support.

Does Salesforce backup my data?

Salesforce has several native tools for various types of data. They aren’t automatic and they do have a restore function.

Why should businesses backup Salesforce data?

There are three main reasons:

  1. Human error or malicious intent that can cause data loss or corruption
  2. Salesforce Admin errors that lead to metadata malfunction
  3. SF addons that automatically overwrite data

How often does SpinOne back up Salesforce data?

Our solution backs up Salesforce data once a day while the platform performs it up to three times a day.

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