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How Backup Can Foster the Human Error Prevention in Saas Applications

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Human error is an inalienable part of all our activities. And the work related to data entry, editing and deletion is not an exception. Human error can significantly impact business performance and result in financial losses. In this article, we’ll take a deeper look at this phenomenon. Additionally, we’ll outline the strategies for human error prevention and mitigation in SaaS applications.

Human Error Basics

In this section, we’ll talk about human error types. Furthermore, we’ll provide some of the whopping statistics related to human error’s impact on business performance and cybersecurity, as well as its role in data loss incidents.

Types of Human Errors

There are two types of human errors:

1. Skill-based

This type emerges due to attention diversion from a task. For example, an external factor distracts a worker. Another example would be when a person begins to think about something else.

This type of error also includes:

  • a memory lapse when you forget to complete a task,
  • a slip of action when you skip an action or perform it on a wrong object.

2. Mistakes

These types of errors occur when an employee lacks knowledge and skills to perform a task or misuses a certain rule.

Human Error Statistics

According to IBM, human error stands for 95% of all breaches.

95% of companies report undermined performance due to poor quality data.

90% of all cyber claims were due to human error.

Human error is responsible for 75% of data loss.

70% of data center outages were caused by human errors.

According to Information Technology Intelligence Corp., 59% of downtime incidents were caused by human error.

In 2016, US companies lost $3.1 trillion over bad data.

Humans make 3 to 6 errors per hour on average regardless of their activity.

The error rate for manual data entry with no verification is 4%.

According to Nopsema, human error is responsible for anywhere between 70-100% of incidents

Human Error Prevention in SaaS Applications

SaaS applications have boosted business performance significantly. One big category of these apps is cloud office suites like Google Workspace and Microsoft Office 365. These are digital environments that enable workers to store and collaborate on big sets of data simultaneously.

Some of the most common human errors are fixed by these applications. For example, text editors and presentation programs have inbuilt spellcheckers. The document versions can help you recover accidentally erased pieces of data in a file.

Another example would be a recycle bin that enables you to restore deleted files, providing a basic level of data management. However, it is important to implement comprehensive data management strategies to address the limitations of native tools. Files in bins are stored for 2 weeks approximately. After this period they are whipped out by the app automatically.

The impact of data loss can be devastating. Moreover, there are human errors that cannot be corrected by native tools in GW or MSO 365. For example, a ransomware attack will encrypt all the files in your Google Drive or OneDrive without the possibility to revert these changes. In this case, a company should either pay a ransom or look for decryption keys if any. A short reminder: ransomware attacks in cloud offices can only happen due to human error.

Similarly, Salesforce, one of the most secure CRMs for enterprises, is also prone to human error. The biggest danger in the case of SFDC would be a mistake made by developers that can break metadata. In other words, it can cause the loss of all the relations between different objects in your CRM making the management of your sales pipeline impossible.

Summing up, it’s essential to mitigate human error risks in SaaS applications. The good news is that advancements in data science have led to the development of innovative third-party tools that leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to minimize the impact of human errors. Let’s take a look at how your company can manage human error.

Human Error Prevention in Google Workspace and Microsoft Office 365

As mentioned above, human error can cause two main problems in Google Workspace and Office 365 alike:

  • Data deletion or corruption by mistake
  • Data encryption in case of a ransomware attack

Cybersecurity experts including those working at Spin Technology, say that SaaS data backup is the most efficient way to mitigate risks related to both problems. These SaaS solutions provide robust data management capabilities, ensuring secure and reliable backup and restoration of critical data.

That’s why Spin Technology has created a backup solution for both cloud services.

Here are the benefits of the Spin Backup tool for companies:

  • Hands-free management with daily automated backup
  • Avoiding more data loss incidents with the backup of services (email, contacts, and calendars)
  • Compliance with the possibility to choose a data center (AWS, GCP, Azure, or any other)
  • Security with data encryption in use, at rest, and in transit
  • Streamlined on- and offboarding with easy data transfer
  • Adherence to the 3-2-1 rule with local download functionality
  • More backed-up data with version storage
  • Faster restoration due to fast search and point-in-time granular recovery
  • Better control with the reports on data storage
Human Error Prevention with SpinBackup

Learn more about:

How to Prevent Human Error in Salesforce

In 2022, Spin Technology launched a new backup solution for Salesforce to help enterprises prevent downtime caused by human error. Our solution backs up all types of data.

However, experts agree that the two most valuable features are the backup and restoration of metadata and sandbox. That’s because it mitigates the human error made by developers. These errors can cause significant downtime in the performance of Salesforce and ultimately the whole sales pipeline. Needless to say that any delays in the work of the revenue-generating team can cause significant financial losses.

The benefits of the Spin Backup tool for Salesforce:

  • Backup automation that mitigates memory lapse on Admin’s side
  • Minimization of downtime caused by human error through quick reversion of any changes made to metadata
  • Staying compliant due to the possibility to choose a data center (AWS, GCP, Azure, or any other)
  • Enhanced security of triple encryption (in use, at rest, and in transit)
  • The fastest restoration due to the use of two types of Salesforce APIs and granular recovery feature
  • Ease at finding the mistakes due to “Compare” functionality
  • Streamlined development process due to sandbox backup and recovery

Learn more about Salesforce backup by SpinBackup

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the examples of human error prevention?

Examples of human error prevention include:

  1. data backups (help mitigate risks related to data deletion or corruption by mistake and data encryption in case of a ransomware attack);
  2. text editors (check spelling and grammar and can help recover accidentally erased pieces of data in a file);
  3. recycle bin (can restore deleted files, providing a basic level of data management).

How can human error be prevented in quality control?

The most spread ways to prevent human error in quality control include establishing standard operating procedures (SOPs), training, auditing, communication, incident reporting, etc.

What are the key strategies to reduce human error?

Here are a few strategies to reduce human error:

  1. Automation of repetitive and error-prone tasks. Machines and software can perform tasks consistently and accurately without succumbing to fatigue or distraction.
  2. AI and machine learning algorithms can analyze vast amounts of data to identify patterns and anomalies, helping to predict potential errors and suggesting preventive measures.
  3. Augmented and virtual reality can be used to provide real-time information and create realistic simulations that can be used to train people and prevent errors.
  4. Data analytics software can validate data inputs, and perform error checks, preventing incorrect or incomplete data from entering systems.

How can technology reduce human error?

One of the examples of how technologies can reduce human error is a Spinbackup data backup solution.

This automation tool mitigates memory lapses, minimizes downtime caused by human error, helps maintain compliance, and enhances security with data encryption. All these capabilities help prevent human-error-related risks that may lead to data deletion, corruption by mistake, and data encryption in case of a ransomware attack.

How do I backup my Google Drive to iCloud?

There are several ways to backup your Google Drive to iCloud. You can either do it manually by downloading the necessary file/folder to your local device and then dropping the file/folder to iCloud; or you can use a Spinbackup automated tool that allows choosing iCloud (along with AWS, GCP, Azure) as the main data center for data backups.

Does Google Drive backup to iCloud?

Theortically, you can back up Google Drive to iCloud by downloading and re-uploading data manually. Meanwhile, there is an excellent service, Spinbackup , that can help backup data without going through a manual process.

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