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Microsoft 365 Backup & Recovery Solutions

Protect your data with our enterprise-grade Microsoft 365 Backup and Recovery Solution, SpinBackup. Prevent data loss and stay compliant.

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Microsoft Office 365 backup solutions

Microsoft 365 Backup Advantages for Enterprise

SpinBackup is a comprehensive backup and security solution for Microsoft Office 365, including compliance through regional storage selection, full data encryption, automated and on-demand backups to major cloud providers, and flawless restoration of metadata files. Additionally, it provides flexible data retention options, local downloads, efficient knowledge transfer, data loss prevention through snapshot tracking, instant data search, and enhanced data oversight with regular activity reports.



Select a regional storage location to comply with the regulations



Full data security with data encryption at transit and in rest


Automated Backup

On demand and automated backups to AWS, GCP, or Azure or BYOS


Flawless Restore

Recover your files and folders with metadata on their hierarchy and sharing permissions


Flexible Retention

Customize retention anywhere from 6 months to indefinitely for the whole organization or by Security Groups


Local Downloads

Download backed-up data from SpinOne directly to your local device


Knowledge Transfer

Migrate data from one account to another in several clicks to facilitate user management


Data Loss Prevention

Track changes to your data with access to the 100 latest snapshots


Instant Data Location

Use our search feature to instantly locate the necessary entry in the backed-up data


Activity Reports

Get better control of your data with weekly and monthly reports

Backup Microsoft Office 365: Outlook, Calendar, OneDrive, Sharepoint, and Teams

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Microsoft Outlook Backup

Keeping access to important emails, contacts, and calendar events that are critical to day-to-day business operations requires backing up Microsoft Outlook. Users can recover their data quickly without significant loss of productivity or critical information in the event of accidental deletions, system failures, or cyberattacks such as ransomware.

Microsoft Outlook People Backup

When contact information is lost, opportunities can be missed, communication channels disrupted, and sales processes can suffer. Backing up Outlook People ensures that all contact details, notes, and associated information are preserved and can be swiftly restored, maintaining the integrity of business relationships and operational continuity.

OneDrive Backup

Backing up OneDrive is key to prevent data loss caused by accidental deletions, file corruption, or security breaches. OneDrive facilitates the storage, sharing, and collaboration of documents and files in the cloud. A dedicated backup solution provides an additional layer of security, ensuring that even if the primary data is compromised or lost, a separate, secure copy is available for recovery, keeping business operations smooth and resilient against data threats.

Microsoft Calendar Backup

Avoid the chaos and miscommunication that can result from lost or corrupted calendar entries by backing up your calendar. A backup ensures that all scheduled events, appointments, and reminders are securely stored and can be easily restored, minimizing disruptions to business activities and helping maintain high levels of organization and productivity.

Sharepoint Backup

A robust backup strategy for SharePoint not only protects vital business data but supports disaster recovery efforts, minimizing downtime and maintaining operational efficiency. Regular backups help safeguard against data loss from accidental deletions, cyberattacks, or technical malfunctions, ensuring business continuity and compliance with data retention policies.

Microsoft Teams Backup

Microsoft Teams is home to chats, meetings, calls, and document sharing, acting as your central hub for teamwork. Without a backup system, critical information exchanged in chats, decisions made in meetings, or documents shared within Teams could be lost due to accidental deletions, malicious attacks, or system failures. Your backup ensures that all aspects of Teams—from messages and meeting notes to shared files and team settings—are recoverable.

Why Backup Microsoft 365 with SpinBackup?

Why SpinOne for Microsoft 365?

 A few great reasons why SpinBackup is a leading choice for businesses looking to backup Microsoft 365:

  • Backed up services: Outlook, OneDrive, Calendar, People, Sharepoint & Teams
  • Automated 1x/3x a day backup
  • Regional storage locations (AWS, GCP, Azure, or custom)
  • Effortless management of data
  • Prompt granular recovery
  • 99.9% accurate restoration
  • Complex reporting on incidents
  • Archived users
  • Flexible retention
  • 24/7 support by phone, email, or chat
  • Compliance: SOC 2, EU Privacy Shield, and GDPR
Backup Microsoft 365 including Outlook, OneDrive, Sharepoint and Teams

SpinOne Featured by Pentester Academy

SpinOne Microsoft 365 Backup was acknowledged by Pentester Academy for simplicity of use and automation

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have more questions about SpinBackup’s Microsoft Office 365 backup solution? Learn more from our FAQ section or contact our support.

Why do businesses need to backup Microsoft 365?

  1. Data in Microsoft 365 is vulnerable to human error and ransomware
  2. The loss of data disrupts business continuity causing financial losses.
  3. Backup is required by the regulations in force.

Is SpinOne safe?

Yes. We encrypt data in use, at rest, and in transit. We also use storage location from the most secure providers, such as Azure, AWC, GCP.

What is the 3-2-1 rule?

It’s a backup practice recommended by security experts. You should have 3 copies of your data stored on 2 different media one being stored in a remote location.

What types of data does SpinOne back up?

SpinOne backs up regular Microsoft 365 data like files, contacts, calendar entries, and emails. In addition to that, it stores file hierarchy, email folders, permissions, also known as metadata.

How to backup Microsoft 365?

Backing up your Microsoft 365 data is crucial for safeguarding your organization’s critical SaaS data against accidental deletion, data loss, or cyberattacks. While Microsoft offers robust built-in protection features, having an additional layer of backup ensures control over your critical SaaS data. Click here to learn more about backing up your Microsoft 365 data with SpinBackup.

Streamlined Enterprise Security for SaaS Data

SaaS data security is our top priority. We’ve introduced several processes and regulations to protect your enterprise SaaS data and enhance compliance.

Your SaaS Security Starts with SpinBackup

It only takes a few steps to get started.