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April 2, 2024 | Updated on: April 4, 2024 | Reading time 5 minutes

Protecting Partner Margins: An Inside Look at the New Spin.AI Partner Program

Rocco Donnino - SVP Global Strategic Alliances & Channels Spin.AI

Senior Vice President of Global Strategic Alliances & Channels

Google recently announced a 40% reduction in the partner margin for Google Workspace renewals – decreasing from 20% to 12% – effective April 1st, 2024.

We interviewed Rocco Donnino, SVP of Global Strategic Alliances & Channels at Spin.AI, about how partners of Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, and more, can protect their margins with value-added cyber security and disaster recovery services to maintain profitability in an unpredictable market.

What does this announcement mean for partners and resellers?

This change really underscores the importance of adaptability when navigating changes in the partner landscape. Reductions in program or renewal margins can happen unexpectedly, sometimes with very little notice. Google Workspace is mission critical to organizations and constantly targeted by attackers, as such it has become imperative that businesses have reliable security measures in place. Resellers need to be able to pivot – and adding value to their renewals is the only way to protect against unpredictable margin reductions.

How can Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 sellers protect their margins?

When partners reduce margins for their program, customers, or renewals – as Google just did – the only way Google Workspace partners can recuperate that margin is to attach products and solutions, such as SpinOne, to their renewals and new offers. Our solutions are integrated by Google for Chrome Enterprise Protection and recommended by Google for SaaS data protection

Adding cybersecurity and SaaS data recovery solutions adds value and creates a new opportunity to reach customers in different market segments. Partners are able to offer professional services as well as offer SpinOne as a managed service alongside existing offerings. This enables partners to reclaim their margins ( up to 50%), and protect their customers from unsanctioned SaaS applications and malicious threats like ransomware. Today, Spin.AI managed service providers, consultants, and resellers have the opportunity to offer customers a very lucrative defense in-depth approach to security. With SpinOne, partners can sell managed and professional services from a single multi-tenant platform, adding instant value to their resold solutions.

What is the Spin.AI Partner Program?

The Spin.AI Partner Program is a tiered program offering SpinOne, a multi-tenant platform for SaaS data security and disaster recovery. This program was designed to provide a comprehensive solution for protecting SaaS data for essential and mission-critical applications. Partners in this program serve as trusted advisors to their downstream customers: gaining entry into previously untapped markets and meeting the advancing cybersecurity needs of clients.

What makes the Spin.AI Partner Program different?

The Spin.AI Partner Program allows partners to easily deploy, manage, and monitor SaaS security solutions for their customers to ensure speed to value, low cost to implement and maintain, and the fastest SLA on the market. It also delivers significant margin potential, including both managed and professional services and offers flexible pricing models, all within a partner-first framework that aligns with varying business models.

Who is the ideal candidate for the Spin.AI Partner Program?

Ideal candidates for the Spin.AI Partner Program range from those who support small businesses to large enterprises: including those who may resell mission-critical applications like Google Workspace or Microsoft 365, and those who want to safeguard the critical data within these SaaS applications. The program is designed to accommodate different types of partners in tiers, offering best practices and support, particularly for managed services providers specializing in cybersecurity.

What are the major differences between the partner program tiers?

The partner program is broken into several tiers: silver, gold, platinum, and MSP (Managed Service Provider) levels. Partners can choose the tier that best aligns with their business size and objectives. Each tier offers different services and benefits, with higher tiers providing more support and resources as partners invest more in Spin.AI’s solutions. The MSP program specifically caters to partners who serve as trusted security advisors – offering incident response,  sales support, enablement, best practices, and professional services to their customers.

What else should we know about the Spin.AI Partner Program?

SpinOne provides partners with strong time to value, simplicity in installation and management, low management costs, and aggressive margins. A straightforward pricing model means partners can easily bundle Spin.ai solutions with the SaaS applications they support: such as Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, Salesforce, or Slack. We aim to simplify the offering and support partners in building out their security stack, driving their business – and protecting their margins. Unlike Google and Microsoft, security is all we do. 

Learn more about the Spin.AI Partner Program and become a partner here.

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Rocco Donnino - SVP Global Strategic Alliances & Channels Spin.AI

Written by

Senior Vice President of Global Strategic Alliances & Channels at Spin.AI

Rocco Donnino is the Senior Vice President of Global Strategic Alliances & Channels at Spin.AI. Rocco Donnino brings more than 20 years experience leading and developing strategic alliances and channel programs at companies including Delinea, McAfee, AVG Technologies, AppRiver, TitanHQ and Microsoft. His expertise helps in expanding Spin.AI’s reach across North America, EMEA, and APAC regions, and in strengthening the company’s presence in key partner programs. Rocco’s immediate focus is on deepening existing partner relationships and enhancing Spin.AI’s role in the MSP and MSSP marketplace and the Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace partner ecosystems.

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