What’s New at Spin.AI: Spring 2023

We’re excited to share that we have extended the SpinOne all-in-one SaaS security platform with new features, integrations, and data protection capabilities. We have also achieved company milestones including expanding our leadership team and closing our Series A. Here’s a brief overview of what’s new:

SpinOne Platform Enhancements

  • SaaS Security Posture Management (SSPM) – Offers automated security operations to help companies quickly detect and respond to misconfigurations while also providing inventory and assessment of third-party apps and extensions to reduce risk assessment time from months to seconds.
  • SaaS Data Leak Prevention and Loss Protection (DLP) – Mitigates unauthorized access to sensitive SaaS data with configurable access management and advanced reporting, and recovers lost data in a matter of minutes or hours, instead of the typical weeks or months.
  • SaaS Ransomware Detection and Response – Quickly detects and responds to in-progress ransomware attacks, minimizing downtime from an average of one month to up to 2 hours and reducing recovery costs by 90%. 
  • JIRA and ServiceNow – Integrates with JIRA and ServiceNow to create alerts and incidents automatically, streamlining security operations processes for enterprise teams.
  • SpinOne for Slack – Helps protect an organization’s Slack channels and messages to meet data protection and compliance requirements, ensure business continuity, and decrease recovery costs. 

Free Assessments

  • Application Risk Assessment: Gain visibility into how many unsanctioned Apps have access to your Google Workspace or Microsoft 365 environment. Get started.
  • Ransomware Simulator: Stress test your Google Workspace or Microsoft 365 environment to see if you are ransomware ready. Learn more.

Company Achievements


  • Application Risk Report: Spin.AI published findings revealing that over 75% of SaaS applications with OAuth permissions to Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 are considered medium or high-risk applications.  

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