Microsoft 365 Data Security and Risk Assessment

24/7 monitoring, assessment, and control of OAuth applications with access revoke functionality

Office 365 Data Security Risk Assessment
Office 365 Data Security Risk Assessment

Microsoft 365 App Risk Assessment for Enterprise

SpinOne offers extended functionality to streamline application management for Microsoft 365 applications, mitigate Shadow IT risks and reduce impact from zero-day attacks.


Application Monitoring

Instant visibility, monitoring and assessment of Microsoft 365 applications with OAuth access.


Access Management

Revoke risky applications’ access to Microsoft 365 data in several clicks by managing allowlists and blocklists.


Security Policies

Streamline access management by utilizing highly granular security policies.


Zero-Day Mitigation

Take full control over applications and prevent zero-day attacks due to vulnerability exploits.



Stay compliant by using only authorized apps that comply with local laws and regulations.



Learn the essential information about applications as well as which employees use them.



Integrate with Splunk and Slack to receive real time alerts of unauthorized installs and breaches.


Alerts & Reports

Receive important security alerts and summaries, notifying about score changes, updates and more.

Office 365 Data Security Risk Assessment

Powerful Assessment Done in Minutes

Office 365 Data Security Risk Assessment

  • SpinOne takes over 15+ factors into consideration for each detected application.
  • Easy to view assessment with ability to drill down to each application’s possible Business, Security, or Compliance Risks.
  • An elaborate scoring system (from 0 to 100) for SecOps teams to visualize the riskiest applications.
  • Automated install detection, assessment, along with updates on when OAuth tokens have been refreshed.

Automation Through Security Policies

Office 365 Data Security Risk Assessment

Utilize SpinOne’s granular Security Policies to entirely automate Access Management.

Create policies to allowlist/blocklist applications based on their:

  • Risk Score
  • Application ID
  • Category
  • Developer
  • Application Name
Office 365 Data Security Risk Assessment
Office 365 Data Security Risk Assessment

Mitigate Shadow IT

Office 365 Data Security Risk Assessment

Battling Shadow IT has become cumbersome for IT Departments due to the ease of installing apps in the Cloud and users constantly looking for tools to improve their productivity.

SpinOne provides full visibility of all OAuth applications connected to an organization along with an in-depth automated risk assessment for administrators that continuously displays all risks they are exposed to.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have more questions about SpinOne and Microsoft 365 Apps Security? Learn more from our FAQ section or
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Does Microsoft 365 have any protection against Shadow IT?

MSO 365 offers OAuth apps monitoring for 3 subscriptions. The functionality includes permission risk assessment and access revoke. However, if you want a deeper insight into real app risks as well as set control policies, we suggest using SpinOne Apps or SpinOne platform.

Why are third-party applications risky?

Apps have vulnerabilities that cybercriminals can exploit. Some applications were created with dormant malicious code that can be triggered at a certain time and result in a data breach.

Is SpinOne safe?

Yes. SpinOne applies functionality to encrypt data in transit, at rest, and in use. It stores backups on cloud storages (AWS, GCP, or Azure).

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