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SSPM for Salesforce

Protect Salesforce Data with Spin SaaS Security Posture Management (SpinSPM)

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SSPM Advantages for Enterprise

Get full visibility and fast incident response for misconfigurations in Salesforce with SpinSPM, a solution within the SpinOne platform.

SpinSPM helps enterprises better control and mitigate Salesforce data-related cyber risks while reducing manual workloads. SpinSPM is recommended and integrated by Google, recognized as a Strong Performer in the Forrester SSPM Wave report, and trusted by 1,500+ organizations worldwide.

What makes SpinSPM for Salesforce Different?

Misconfiguration Management

Identify and manage misconfigurations, security drifts, and compliance breaches within Salesforce through automated detection and response.

Customizable and Automated Access Management and Incident Response

SpinSPM offers full control over access management and incident response cases by providing organizations the ability to customize their responses so they can fulfill their unique use cases. SpinSPM also automates the access management and incident response process through highly configurable policies.

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Spin.AI Named a Strong Performer

The Forrester Wave™: SaaS Security Posture Management Q4 2023

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Here’s Why Businesses Choose SpinOne

“Spin.AI provides robust SSPM admin user management and IAM administration for SaaS applications.”

Spin.AI is a solid fit for firms that are prioritizing browser extension risk management and ransomware detection and remediation.”

– The Forrester Wave(™): SaaS Security Posture Management, Q4 2023 Report

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Salesforce have built-in protection from Shadow IT?

No. Businesses of any size need an extra layer of security through solutions like SpinOne.

How does SpinSPM protect Salesforce data? 

SpinSPM provides full visibility and fast incident response for misconfigurations – helping organizations harden their security posture and minimize risky access to mission-critical SaaS data.

How do I get started with implementing SSPM for my organization?

Implementing SSPM and understanding SaaS security posture is incredibly important as it helps organizations understand their vulnerabilities and how these can be corrected. An SSPM checklist can help you get started, and show you how to: 

  • Evaluate data that isn’t protected
  • Provide visibility to data sharing
  • Detect and remediate malicious threats
  • Harden SaaS configurations
  • Evaluate the risks of SaaS apps

Why Do Enterprises Need SaaS Security Posture Management (SSPM)?

SSPM provides automated visibility and scanning of configurations, settings, and permissions to ensure these are configured according to security and compliance best practices. SSPM automation saves manual hours for SecOps professionals since SSPM can carry out the tedious manual tasks of analyzing configurations and continuously scanning for security and compliance risks.

What is the SpinSPM pricing model?

Please see the pricing page for details on SpinSPM and all our packages.

Can administrators set up retention policies for backed-up Salesforce data?

Yes. SpinBackup allows organizations to set customized data retention policies (from 6 months to indefinitely) to ensure that data is retained for the required duration as per regulatory requirements

Does SpinBackup for Salesforce handle metadata backups?

Yes, SpinBackup offers backups of all your Salesforce data, including metadata (e.g., sender, recipient, timestamps).

Do you offer a free trial version of the solution? How can I get access?

Start your free 15-day trial or contact sales for a demo here.

Streamlined Enterprise Security for SaaS Data

SaaS data security is our top priority. We’ve introduced several processes and regulations to protect your enterprise SaaS data and enhance compliance.

Your Salesforce security starts with SpinSPM