How SpinOne SaaS Data Audit Helps to Reduce Insider Threats

Insider threats are the reason for more than 34% of data breaches cases. And given that the cost of a data breach is getting higher and higher as the value of data grows, this risk must be taken seriously by business owners and IT specialists. A data audit is a foundation for strong internal data security. Companies must keep insider threats and data flow under control to not let any data leak occur and lead to money and trust losses.

How does SaaS data audit help to mitigate insider threats? 

Data auditing techniques and services may differ, but they all should provide you with the following information.

Firstly, a data audit gives you the ability to track who your internal Google Workspace (G Suite) data is shared with. It can be colleagues, employees from other departments, or even third parties.

Secondly, it shows you what permissions have been granted to users and provides you with the ability to manage those permissions. This ensures that data security is in place and makes all the users’ actions trackable and manageable.

Thirdly, you should be able to track if Google Workspace (G Suite) data is downloaded, especially in high volumes.

SaaS Data Audit with SpinOne

There are a few data audit tools on the market; even fewer are designed for auditing the cloud. SpinOne platform is a cybersecurity service that monitors your cloud data, detects abnormal behavior, and notifies your security team or Google Workspace (G Suite) administrator.

Here is how SpinOne works:

With the SpinOne data audit checklist, you can see:

  1. All the shared data within your Google Workspace (G Suite) environment;
  2. Ownership of the files;
  3. Users with whom data have been shared;
  4. Rules applied to the files based on SpinOne security policies;
  5. All the files that got public;
  6. Sensitive information like credit card information shared via email from your domain;
  7. Data sorted by an individual;
  8. Data audit reports that you can export anytime.

All this information can be managed from one simple dashboard. You can customize it and add more functions.

Summing Up

Conducting data audits and collecting data reports is crucial if you want to keep track of what happens with your Google Workspace (G Suite) files. Otherwise, you risk overseeing data leaks that occur right there and risk your reputation, compliance, and security.

Try SpinOne’s data audit software and get peace of mind right now!

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