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February 16, 2018 | Updated on: March 29, 2024 | Reading time 8 minutes

API-based CASB Spinbackup Announces 2017 Results

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SAN FRANCISCO, CA – January 25, 2018 – Spinbackup, a leading cloud security and cloud-to-cloud backup solutions provider for Google Workspace, and an API-based CASB (Cloud Access Security Broker) announced today it’s significant growth milestones in 2017, as the company’s customer base exceeded 2,000 SMB’s, educational and enterprise organizations globally.

2017 was another year of continuous progress and achievement for Spinbackup. According to Gartner analysts, SaaS market is projected to grow to 75 billion dollars by 2022 at a 19.2% compound annual growth rate. The Cloud has proved to be a crucial force for growth and innovation across multiple technology industries in the world. It also remained the major technology driver behind Spinbackup’s stellar growth in 2017, pushing enterprise-grade and SMB organizations to gain greater transparency and cost efficiency into every facet of the operations through using cloud-based services to ensure greater operational visibility and flexibility, as well as to keep up with changing customer demands.

Cloud data protection technology has the capacity to deliver transformative change, and Spinbackup has continued to focus on helping its corporate customers adapt to the new digital world, which outlines new key cyber security challenges ahead for business leaders and cybersecurity professionals.

Spinbackup is the industry’s first CASB (Cloud Access Security Broker) to provide Ransomware protection for cloud-based services and Blockchain Single Sign On, along with comprehensive visibility, cloud data security, and threat prevention capabilities. Spinbackup enables organizations of any size to leverage their investments in cloud data protection by delivering comprehensive solutions capable to identify, prioritize, and remove threats to business critical, sensitive, and regulated information hosted in public clouds.

Key highlights from Spinbackup’s API based CASB 2017 results include:

Spinbackup CASB introduced an expanded cloud security product portfolio

Spinbackup API CASB introduced an expanded Google Workspace security product portfolio and has become increasingly popular with enterprise-grade and SMB customers all over the world. Spinbackup’s cutting edge cloud data protection solutions have been rising in popularity in 2017 because of the combination of Machine Learning and comprehensive cyber threat analytics tools, with more than 50 new features and improvements specifically designed to deliver enhanced product agility and flexibility. The clients will continue to benefit from their investments in cloud security management products with rich cyber risk management tools, while leveraging unique and innovative SaaS data protection solutions.

Google Team Drives Backup

Spinbackup was the world’s first vendor to introduce backup and recovery features for Google Shared Drives. When Team Drives was officially launched in March, 2017, thousands of Google Workspace Enterprise, Google Workspace Business, and Google Workspace for Education organizations came to Spinbackup for fast, reliable, and secure cloud backups.

Custom Google Workspace Security Policies

Cybersecurity in the public cloud is one of the most pressing security topics that organizations today are having to think through with their overall security strategies. Public cloud presents challenges to organizations who are accustomed to controlling all aspects of on-premise infrastructure, but who haven’t dealt with the new challenges presented by the public cloud or hybrid cloud infrastructure. The addition of Custom Google Workspace Security Policies to Spinbackup’s functionality provides a tremendously powerful way for Google Workspace administrators to be flexible and granular in their approach to applying cybersecurity policies to public cloud environments.

Ransomware Protection

Ransomware Protection, launched by Spinbackup in July 2017, provided a powerful fully automated cloud security solution to both detect and counteract the effects of ransomware attempting to encrypt data stored in the Google Workspace environment with no human factor. It provides the following mechanisms for ransomware protection:

  • Ransomware attack detection
  • Automated recovery of ransomware encrypted files
  • Effective versioning system
  • Google Workspace administrator alerting

Rather than being a separate and disjointed mechanisms for providing ransomware protection, the processes above provided by Spinbackup work together to fluidly provide a streamlined and orchestrated protection mechanism for Google Workspace data. These features effectively detect, stop, and remediate ransomware damage to Google Workspace data.

Blockchain Single Sign On solution (BSSO)

Spinbackup undertook a crucial initiative to develop a unique Blockchain Single Sign On solution (BSSO), which is a technological answer to compliance and regulatory challenges. BSSO will automate regulatory and compliance processes, and enable organizations to comply with the standards and federal laws for customers subject to ISO 27001, EU Model clauses, HIPAA BAA, FISMA, GDPR, and others.Blockchain Single Sign On (BSSO) for Google Workspace, Office 365, Salesforce, and other leading cloud services is the world’s most secure data leak prevention solution, which provides password-free access to customers’ critical SaaS data through a SSL certificate that can be easily installed on any device, with a high level of protection of the certificate at all stages. BSSO allows organizations to access and share highly confidential documents securely from anywhere.The Spinbackup Blockchain Single Sign On solution acts as a bridge between the public cloud services provided by the likes of Google Google Workspace and Microsoft Office 365, and Blockchain. By incorporating the security features found in the existing blockchain network and the proven certificate method of authentication, in early 2018, Spinbackup will introduce a world class mechanism for organizations to secure their public cloud services and data.

Customer Base Growth

Spinbackup supports the cloud security and cost management efforts of organizations in education, manufacturing, retail, and other industries by delivering ultimate cloud security intelligence solutions. In 2017 Spinbackup expanded its customer base across a range of industries and geographic locations. Spinbackup serves more than 2 000 customers worldwide across a wide range of industries due to its consistent focus on customer success and the simplicity and power of cloud security solutions.

Channel Partner Network Growth

Effective integration with major cloud service providers such as Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and others, allows Spinbackup to ensure that the customers’ critical data remains absolutely secure and safe from Ransomware and growing cyber threats. It also opens great opportunities for channel partner base growth, and enables Spinbackup to deliver lucrative benefits to the existing and prospective resellers (VARs, VADs, SPs) within the Spinbackup Reseller Program. The Program offers exclusive features like proven cloud cybersecurity technology, progressive discounts, a customizable purchase link, and an exclusive partner and marketing support service. Spinbackup’s absolute commitment to the channel development continues to attract new resellers and solution providers.

Development and Executive Team Growth

In 2017 Spinbackup expanded and strengthened its engineering, development, and support team, along with business development and marketing professionals, who ensure synergistic effect in support of Spinbackup’s mission as the company continues to grow.

Dmitry Dontsov, Spinbackup’s CEO said:

“We are one of the fastest growing API-based CASB solution providers in the industry because of our expertise, deep cloud security and cyber threat landscape knowledge, responsiveness, and consistent focus on innovations, allowing us to deliver numerous top-requested features, such as Blockchain Single Sign-On and others. We found many cloud security solutions to be overpriced for the small and midsize enterprises and we are going to fill this gap. Our key focus is the incident response plan that provides automated data recovery in case of ransomware and automated account suspension in case of compromised accounts. We have seen incredible growth in demand for Spinbackup’s cybersecurity solutions from all market sectors and geographies in 2017”.

About Spinbackup API-based CASB

Founded in 2014, Spinbackup is a fast-growing CASB (Cloud Access Security Broker) and Cloud-to-Cloud Backup solutions provider. Spinbackup protects organizations of all sizes by backing up sensitive data to a secure cloud, identifying insider threats and business risks and alerting domain administrators on any potential data breach. Spinbackup has established strategic partnerships with leading cloud service providers, including Google and Amazon. Thousands of organizations rely on Spinbackup to orchestrate Google Workspace administration and provide effective threat intelligence, which safeguards critical SaaS data against insider threats, Ransomware, and human error.

Spinbackup’s global headquarters are located in San Francisco, California, USA, and the company has development offices in Europe. To learn more, visit Spinbackup website.

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Dmitry Dontov is the CEO and Founder at Spin.AI.

He is a tech entrepreneur and cybersecurity expert with over 20 years of experience in cybersecurity and team management.

He also has a strong engineering background in cybersecurity and cloud data protection, making him an expert in SaaS data security.

He is the author of 2 patents and a member of Forbes Business Council.

Dmitry was Named 2023 Winner in the BIG Award for Business and Small Business Executive of the Year.

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