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Revolutionizing Cloud Security: The Role of AI and Automation in Protecting SaaS Data

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We have seen a major shift in how businesses and employees alike are working in 2024 and beyond. Remote work is still in full swing, and organizations are making use of SaaS apps more than ever. These and other developments mean that the threat landscape is rapidly expanding, and cybersecurity concerns are topping the list of businesses worldwide.

Spin.AI’s cutting-edge cybersecurity platform “SpinOne” helps organizations meet the challenges of modern SaaS environments. How? Cyber Defense Radio host Gary Miliefsky recently sat down with Dmitry Dontov, Spin.AI’s CEO and founder, to discuss ransomware’s challenges and shadow IT in SaaS environments. 

Dmitry Dontov - CEO and founder of Spin.AI on CyberdefenseTV

Let’s examine the takeaways from the interview and see how organizations can best prepare themselves for current and emerging threats in the cloud.

Ransomware is on the rise

If there is one word that no organization wants to hear, ransomware. It is one of the most sinister cybersecurity threats today and remains very effective in its goal of extorting money from companies with their data held hostage.

As production data is migrated to SaaS platforms, attackers are shifting their focus to these platforms to follow the trends in the industry. Dmitry detailed this trend. Ransomware is now targeting cloud data with alarming frequency. As businesses pivot to the cloud, the shift in focus emphasizes that organizations must be vigilant and protect and secure data in the cloud.

Spin.AI provides innovative solutions

As highlighted by Dmitry, Spin.AI offers a standout solution called Application Browser Risk Assessment. The tool contains a database of over 300,000 applications and browser extensions. SpinOne’s Risk Assessment uses AI algorithms to assess the risk of SaaS apps and browser extensions. It is alarming to note that about 30% of these applications are classified as risky or malicious. The database maintained by SpinOne can also provide rapid assessments of SaaS apps. It helps identify threats in seconds after an assessment rather than hours or days.

SpinOne uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) across its portfolio of solutions to improve the accuracy of risk assessments and ransomware detection. The technology helps reduce or eliminate false positives and makes sure that security measures are quick and efficient. As regulatory pressures continue to mount globally, SpinOne’s AI-driven solutions provide a valuable tool for organizations that need to maintain compliance and protect their SaaS data.

In addition to the cybersecurity features, the SpinOne platform provides a powerful solution for cloud data protection, including many facets. It includes SaaS Backup and Disaster Recovery, SaaS Ransomware Detection and Response, DPM (Data Protection Management), and SSPM (SaaS Security Posture Management). This approach helps ensure organizations are well-protected against a wide range of cyber threats.

Malicious browser extensions

Browser extensions and add-ons are another common entry point for malicious apps. Dmitry explained that the Google Marketplace is flooded with extensions, many of which are not publicly vetted. This open ecosystem allows developers worldwide to publish independent extensions that can easily create a security nightmare for organizations that allow users to use them. SpinOne’s automation capabilities are crucial for securing the environment, enabling organizations to manage and mitigate these types of risks quickly.

Automation and Policy Enforcement

Can you imagine managing perhaps thousands of browser extensions and SaaS applications manually? How long would it take to vet each one for security? SpinOne’s advanced engine allows admins to create and enforce security policies to filter applications by compliance, permissions, and other criteria. 

This type of cybersecurity automation helps make sure of continuous protection without the need for constant manual intervention, which is slow and ineffective. Once policies are set, SpinOne takes care of everything, blocking access to malicious applications as needed.

Google Workspace and Perception Point integration

Spin.AI’s risk assessment solution recently became part of Google Workspace, making it accessible to over six million organizations using the platform. Also, Spin.AI has integrated with Perception Point, a Browser Security company, to boost browser security. These integrations help bring Spin.AI’s security solutions to a broad audience and improve their cybersecurity posture in the cloud.

Combating Ransomware in the Cloud

Combating ransomware in the cloud is difficult since most traditional cybersecurity tools and even native cloud tools are ineffective when dealing with cloud ransomware. SpinOne’s Ransomware Detection and Response approach includes 24/7 monitoring of SaaS environments like Google Workspace and Microsoft 365. It provides a rapid incident response SLA of less than two hours and offers one of the fastest response times in the market. 

SpinOne uses a multi-step process to stop ransomware in its tracks and remediate any damage caused by an attack. Note the following:

  1. Uses AI and ML to scan the environment and detect the signs of ransomware affecting the environment
  2. Once detected, the ransomware process is quickly blocked from accessing the cloud environment
  3. Scans the environment for affected files
  4. Automatically restores the files affected by the ransomware attack (configurable) and alerts admins to the attack

By detecting and blocking ransomware attacks in progress and using frequent incremental backups, SpinOne can recover affected files quickly. This helps to minimize any downtime associated with an attack.

Dealing with Shadow IT and Data Leakage

Another very costly and dangerous threat in the cloud is shadow IT. Employees can easily use unauthorized apps with the default settings in the cloud, and this can introduce unknown security vulnerabilities and even malicious software in the environment. 

SpinOne helps organizations identify and manage these risks by providing continuous risk assessments and controlling data sharing and usage. It can pinpoint risky applications, browser extensions, and even employees who pose potential security threats. Understanding which apps and users have access to data and how it is being used helps prevent data leaks and ensure compliance with regulatory standards.

Wrapping up

In a time when cyber threats are escalating and evolving into an even more dangerous threat to businesses, organizations must take cybersecurity seriously and use the right tools to help protect and back up their cloud data. 

Spin.AI provides a comprehensive suite of solutions and the lowest SLA for restoring cloud data in the industry. It provides integration with major platforms like Google Workspace. It is a great tool for any organization looking to enhance its cybersecurity posture. 

By automating risk assessments and leveraging AI, Spin.AI provides a solution that meets the needs of modern businesses and eliminates the need for manual processes. These features help companies to stay ahead of potential threats.

To watch the interview in full with Dmitry Dontov, click to watch the Cyber Defense episode: Spin.AI – Dmitry Dontov | Cyber Defense TV. See SpinOne in action, Demo SpinOne SaaS Data Protection Platform today.

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Vice President of Product at Spin.AI

Davit Asatryan is the Vice President of Product at Spin.AI

He is responsible for executing product strategy by overseeing the entire product lifecycle, with a focus on developing cutting-edge solutions to address the evolving landscape of cybersecurity threats.

He has been with the company for over 5 years and specializes in SaaS Security, helping organizations battle Shadow IT, ransomware, and data leak issues.

Prior to joining Spin.AI, Davit gained experience by working in fintech startups and also received his Bachelor’s degree from UC Berkeley. In his spare time, Davit enjoys traveling, playing soccer and tennis with his friends, and watching sports of any kind.

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