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Backup and Restore Google Calendar

Backup and restore Google Calendar with our secure and automated backup solution.

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Backup and Restore Google Calendar

Google Calendar Recovery Solution

Being a secure SaaS application, Google Calendar is still vulnerable to ransomware or data loss due to end-user mistakes, data corruption, or malicious deletions. SpinBackup closes these security gaps by backing up your Google Calendar data daily, enabling you to recover any deleted data quickly. The copies of your data are stored in Azure, GCP, AWS, or other storage of your choice.
SpinBackup helps organizations achieve their data protection goals and meet compliance requirements. Storing a daily snapshot of Google Calendar accounts, SpinBackup enables restoring Google Calendar data with a click – you can search and restore any specific Google Calendar event(s).

Protect Google Calendar from Data Loss

Backup Google Calendar with our secure and automated solution to protect your data and prevent permanent loss.



Protect multiple SaaS applications from one dashboard for complete protection.


Powerful Automation

1x or 3x a day automated snapshot backup with fast and accurate recovery.


Secure Storage

Backup your SaaS data on secure cloud storage: AWS, GCP, Azure, or BYOS.


Compliance Friendly

Store data at 32 locations around the world to meet compliance and local regulations.


Flexible Retention Policy

Configure data retention policy from 6 months to indefinitely.


Robust Search

Utilize numerous search filters to easily identify and recover lost data.

3 Easy Steps to Backup Google Calendar

Backing up Google Calendar is easy with SpinBackup. Connect your account, configure your backup rules and you’ll be able to recover Google Calendar whenever you need. Never lose a deleted event again.


Step 1

Grant SpinBackup access to your corporate Google Workspace


Step 2

Configure the backup storage location and frequency


Step 3

Recover Google Calendar with a click, anytime, anywhere

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SpinBackup for Google Calendar

Backup Google Calendar

Why Backup Google Calendar?

Backup Google Calendar

Google Calendar is an indispensable tool for managing work and social schedules. If you rely on Google Calendar to stay organized and productive, you can’t afford to risk a data loss incident due to end-user mistakes, data corruption, ransomware attacks, or malicious deletion.

Sharing your Google Calendar and giving access to other accounts increases the risk of data loss incidents: backing up your Google Calendar is essential.

How to Recover Google Calendar?

Recover Google Calendar

How can you manage Google Calendar recovery of data loss disasters caused by user errors, malicious deletions, or hacker activity?

Read this Guide for easy-to-follow instructions to automatically back up Google Calendar data on a daily basis with SpinBackup.

Recover Google Calendar

Why Businesses Choose SpinBackup

A Backup Security Solution You Can Trust


2-Step Verification

Keep your data safe with 2-step verification – this provides an extra layer of security for your sensitive data.
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Disable login with Google

SpinBackup protects Google users from account hijacking in cases where the original Google account has been compromised by cybercriminals.
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OAuth 2.0

SpinBackup utilizes the most secure Google API OAuth 2.0 to make communication between Google and SpinBackup services as secure as possible. We don’t store your Google password on our servers thanks to OAuth 2.0.
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Top-level encryption methods for transferring (“in-transit”) and storing (“at-rest”) your data are used. As an Amazon Advanced Technology Partner, we provide a layered approach to encryption, using 256-bit AES to protect data security during electronic transmission and storage.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Have more questions about SpinBackup’s Microsoft Office 365 backup solution? Learn more from our FAQ section or contact our support.

Why does Google Calendar need a third-party backup?

  1. Third-party backups for Google Calendar ensure your data is secure and recoverable in case of accidental loss, malicious activities, or syncing issues. A separate backup ensures you have a copy of your data that’s not affected by issues within the Google Workspace environment.

Can SpinBackup for Google Calendar handle recurring events and appointments?

Yes, all your recurring events and appointments are safe with SpinBackup.

Can SpinBackup for Google Calendar retain event details, attendee information, and other metadata associated with Calendar events?

Yes, all these data are covered by SpinBackup.

How does SpinBackup handle deleted Calendar events and ensure they are recoverable from backups?

You can configure SpinBackup to retain your backups, including deleted Calendar events, from 6 months to indefinitely. This means that SpinBackup ensures your deleted emails are recoverable as long as you’ve configured them and your subscription lasts.

Keep in mind that SpinBackup can only recover data that it has previously backed up.

Google offers offline versioning of my events. Why do I need a third-party Google Calendar backup tool?

Although Google Calendar has built-in data security mechanisms, it falls short when it comes to advanced data backup and recovery features. SpinBackup for Google Calendar secures your data in case of accidental loss from deleting events or syncing issues. It also provides more precise recovery options and long-term archiving for meeting compliance. 

Streamlined Enterprise Security for SaaS Data

SaaS data security is our top priority. We’ve introduced several processes and regulations to protect your enterprise SaaS data and enhance compliance.

Your SaaS security starts with SpinOne