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Microsoft 365 Outlook People Backup and Recovery

Secure Backup and Accurate Recovery for Microsoft 365 Outlook People

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Microsoft 365 Outlook People Account Recovery

Staying in touch with business partners and customers is essential for any company. However, your business contacts may be lost because of human error or cyberattacks. With SpinBackup, you can recover Outlook People (Outlook contacts) in minutes in case of data loss.

It is not uncommon for cloud data to be lost or damaged. SpinBackup is a cloud-to-cloud backup solution that provides unlimited automated daily backups and easy recovery that takes only a few minutes.

Why Backup Microsoft 365 Outlook People?


You can delete emails accidentally

You or your employees may delete important emails accidentally. Recovering them may be impossible without a backup, as the Deleted Items folder only stores items for 30 days.


Hackers can delete your emails

Business data stored in Microsoft 365 is often targeted by hackers. During a cyberattack, your emails can get deleted. If your Outlook emails are lost, a backup will help you to recover them.


Inability to meet compliance requirements results in fines

To meet compliance requirements, you need to store your data securely. Having a backup helps you to meet compliance requirements.


Ransomware encrypts Outlook emails

Ransomware encrypts Outlook emails – making them unreadable and disrupting your business productivity with potentially costly downtime.


An employee leaves the company

When an employee leaves, you need to quickly transfer their data from their Microsoft account to another one. Using the right backup tool enables you to migrate data quickly and seamlessly.

Microsoft 365 Outlook People Data Loss Protection



Protect multiple SaaS applications from one dashboard for complete protection.


Powerful Automation

1x or 3x a day automated snapshot backup with fast and accurate recovery.


Secure Storage

Backup your SaaS data on secure cloud storage: AWS, GCP, Azure, or BYOS.


Compliance Friendly

Store data at 32 locations around the world to meet compliance and local regulations.


Flexible Retention Policy

Configure data retention policy from 6 months to indefinitely.


Robust Search

Utilize numerous search filters to easily identify and recover lost data.

Why Businesses Choose SpinBackup

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