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    SpinBackup Microsoft Office 365

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    SpinBackup for Microsoft Office 365

    Cloud to cloud backup for Microsoft Office 365

    Key Features:

      • Automated backup
      • 99.99% Restore
      • Deletion and Version Control
      • Data encrypted in transit and at rest
      • Fast Search
      • Analytics and Reports
    M365 Dashboard

    Fastest growing backup technology for Microsoft Office 365

    Simplifying backup, archive, restore, data loss prevention and data leak protection

    Automated Backup

    Encrypted, Incremental Daily Backup to a secure cloud storage on AWS and GCP

    Flawless Restore

    Precision recovery retaining the same folders hierarchy and permissions

    Deletion Control

    Lost & Found folder informs you what files were deleted

    Local Downloads

    Download backed up data from your SpinOne account to any device

    Backup Frequency

    Backup 1 or 3 times daily with full version and file permission controls

    Version Control

    Every version of your document is under your control

    Super Fast Search

    Fast, easy search for your backed up items to help you recover lost data immediately

    Activity Reports

    Weekly and monthly reports are available to monitor data loss protection status

    Why backup?

    Microsoft Office 365 are convenient tools for a variety of needs. The storage that organizations consume is growing constantly. SpinBackup provides real backups with version control and data deletion control. To protect your critical emails, documents, sheets, and other files from being permanently deleted by accident, hacker attacks, or data corruption, you need to have Automated Daily Backups. You may select which folders or labels to back up from.

    Protect Your Data

    SpinBackup keeps your cloud data safe and securely protected. SpinBackup provides 99.9% accurate recovery and migration to another account. Easily restore your deleted data within a single click, whether it’s a file, presentation, or any scheduled event. All your recovered items will stay in the same folder hierarchy as they were before the deletion, you can also easily migrate them to another account. You never know when a problem may happen; protect yourself in advance.

    2 Step Verification

    Even if the bad guys have your password, this can help keep them out. You are safe with 2 step verification since it provides an extra layer of security for your sensitive data.

    Two Step Verification

    Disable login

    SpinOne protects users from account hijacking in cases where the original account has been compromised by cybercriminals.

    How we disable login

    OAuth 2.0

    SpinOne utilizes the most secure Google API OAuth 2.0 to make communication between both Google and SpinOne services as secure as possible. We don’t store your Google password on our servers thanks to OAuth 2.0.

    About OAuth 2.0


    Top level encryption methods for transferring (“in-transit”) and storing (“at-rest”) your data are used. As an Amazon Advanced Technology Partner, we provide a layered approach to encryption, using 256-bit AES to protect data security during electronic transmission and storage.

    Homomorphic Encryption

    Featured by Pentester Academy for it’s simplicity and automation

    SpinBackup for Microsoft Office 365 includes the best-in-class backup. Unlike other backup solutions, we provide multiple locations to keep your data safe including AWS, GCP, or Azure.

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