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Entertainment company maintains high security and compliance standards


Meow Wolf is a Santa Fe, New Mexico based entertainment company that creates large scale immersive art installations in addition to producing arts and music festivals, music videos, and streaming entertainment. Founded in 2008, the company offers attractions in Santa Fe and Denver with additional attractions slated to open in Las Vegas, Phoenix, and Washington DC. Meow Wolf is best known for its flagship attraction called House of Eternal Return, a 20,000 square foot mystery house’ that boasts a learning center, music venue, and numerous art exhibits.

The Challenge

As COVID 19’s effects materialized through early 2020, Meow Wolf had to adapt to the pressing need for a proper employee WFH environment. Like many other businesses in this uncertain time, Meow Wolf also desired cost effective solutions to minimize their overhead expenses. As an enterprise level Google G Suite customer, they faced a significant challenge in finding a reliable method to backup data, maintaining the high level of security and compliance that their operations required, and utilizing a platform that was simple to use.

“This problem was super critical for Meow Wolf as we needed to take immediate action. With the right choice, we could save tens of thousands of dollars.”

Meow Wolf’s Needs

  • Security
  • Backup
  • Simple User Interface

The Solution

With Meow Wolf’s situation in mind, Geet Jacobs, Director of Digital Operations, scrutinized potential technology solutions. First, he identified three backup solutions vendors, including Spin. After evaluating the three options by reviewing Google G Suite Marketplace reviews, he then took a deep dive onto the different websites and juxtaposed the security benefits of each with the corresponding cost. Cumulatively, after assessing these solutions by their pricing, reviews, and overall security benefits, Geet and Meow Wolf chose Spin.

“Purchasing from Spin and setting up the service was convenient, as they were very responsive and clearly communicated the value of SpinOne. Afterwards, when we use the platform, the product’s simplicity put it over the top.”

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