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Phishing Awareness Training: Best Providers 2023

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About 25% of all data breaches are caused by human error. Phishing attacks are one of the main cyber threats involving mistakes by workers. Arranging training for your employees is beneficial. It helps protect your company against phishing. Without it, the consequences can be expensive and time-consuming. So, let’s take a look at notable phishing awareness training providers.

Why Is Phishing Awareness Important?

The number of phishing attacks is increasing along with the number of remote workers globally. Cybercriminals use every opportunity, including coronavirus, to profit from phishing schemes.
For a company, a phishing attack can be disastrous. One careless click by an employee may be enough to damage the whole network. Here’s an example of how a phishing email can spread ransomware through your network:

The cost of a data breach can be very high. Preventing phishing attacks helps protect your company from financial and reputational losses. An aware employee is less likely to fall for a phishing scam.

Conducting cybersecurity awareness training (including around phishing ) may be compulsory to comply with your industry’s standards and regulations. Training is a reliable way to ensure that your employees understand their role in protecting corporate and customer data. It’s no wonder that compliance frameworks like GDPR, HIPAA, and many others include training.

Want to learn more about phishing and ways to protect yourself against it? Try reading our articles about how to avoid phishing, phishing protection in the cloud, detecting Office 365 phishing emails, and how ransomware is spread via emails.

Phishing Awareness Training Providers

Here’s our list of the top 5 anti-phishing training providers.

Phishing Awareness Training


KnowBe4 provides detailed training dedicated to protection against incidents caused by user error including phishing attacks. KnowBe4’s training contains a quiz at the end to solidify the newly acquired knowledge.

Perhaps, KnowBe4’s best-known course is Kevin Mitnick’s security awareness training. It helps your colleagues to learn about spam, phishing, ransomware, and ways to protect your data against these threats. The great thing is that you can train on simulated spear-phishing attacks. These replicated attacks match (or even outmatch) the most advanced real-life phishing attacks.


Infosec offers more than 700 training resources to help your organization to prepare for phishing and other cyber threats. Infosec’s learning materials include videos and assessments that will help you to demonstrate phishing attacks and ways to avoid them to your colleagues.

Apart from that, you can test your employees using a simulated phishing awareness campaign. Infosec provides 1000+ phishing email templates to represent various approaches and tactics used by hackers. Also, Infosec provides a free risk test.

Terranova Security

Terranova Security offers phishing simulation as a part of its comprehensive security awareness training program. With this simulation, you can create and customize a mock phishing attack to detect at-risk employees.


PhishingBox specializes in security and phishing awareness training, phishing simulation, and social engineering prevention. Employees who fail a phishing test are assigned additional training. This helps to ensure that everyone is fully prepared for a real attack.


Infosequre provides phishing simulation scenarios to boost your employee’s awareness. Those who fail to detect a suspicious email receive feedback to enable them to learn from their mistake. Also, this training includes smishing (SMS phishing) awareness, so your employees will learn not only to detect malicious emails but potentially dangerous text messages as well.

Is Awareness Enough?

Increasing awareness around phishing helps to reduce the probability of becoming a victim of a phishing attack. Still, even an aware employee can make a mistake―because of tiredness, the sophistication of a hacker’s social engineering tactics, or other factors.
A reliable way to protect your files against phishing attacks is to have them backed up. With our backup solutions for Google Workspace and Microsoft 365, you can protect your data and recover it in case it was compromised during an attack.

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